Suggestions for Alone Time

If organizing consistent alone time with each of your twins seems out of reach, here are a few suggestions that might help you carve out some precious one-on-one moments:

  • Bring one baby in the car pool.
  • Take one baby out for a walk in a single stroller.
  • Take the babies separately to doctor appointments.
  • Take the babies to the same toddler group on alternate days.
  • Play alone with one baby at the park.
  • Bathe the babies separately.
  • Be attuned to and delighted with the babies’ individual personalities.
  • No texting or talking on your cell phone is permitted during these times!

If you don’t have anyone helping you out at home, try to make arrangements with another mother of twins to watch three of the children while you spend a few minutes by yourself with one child. You can take turns so that each child experiences some alone time in the course of everyone’s busy lives.

How do you spend time with your twins separately?


Image courtesy of Donnie Ray Jones (CC BY 2.0)

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