Praise for Twins in Session

Twins in Session, informed by infant research as well as psychoanalytic developmental theory, is full of fascinating clinical stories about twins. Decades of treating twins has led Dr. Friedman to a deeply empathetic, highly informed approach.”
—Beatrice Beebe, PhD, Clinical Professor of Medical Psychology, Columbia University Medical Center

“This welcome new book on working with twins in therapy rightly focuses on the dynamics of twin relationships in the context of the therapeutic relationship. Dr. Friedman notes the importance of twinship and twinning and states that ‘being a twin organizes, inhibits, or enhances everything that person does or is.’ The case histories highlight the depth of entanglement in twin relationships, as they play out in the consulting room and emphasize how important it is for the therapist to understand the nature of twin relationships.”
—Vivienne Lewin, MSc, psychoanalytic psychotherapist, London, and author of The Twin in the Transference and The Twin Enigma

“Dr. Joan Friedman is an expert on twins from all angles: she’s a twin, a mother of twins, and therapist who has specialized in twins for over twenty-five years. She draws on these experiences to animate Twins in Session with her lively prose, interesting case studies, and clear and concise explanations of the psychoanalytic therapies she employs. This is an important book for any clinical mental health professional who treats or might treat twins. As a university administrator and professor, I also discovered valuable insights that will help me understand my students and colleagues better. With the rapidly growing number of twins due to the rise in assisted reproduction, we desperately need more professionals who understand the unique issues that twins (and multiples) face in becoming autonomous adults. This book will help fill this need.”
—Ann E. Cudd, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, Boston University

“The opportunity to stop, think, and reflect feels like the benefits of therapy without seeing a therapist. This book will help thousands to better understand their relationships and move forward in a healthier and more rewarding way.”
—Keith Reed, CEO, Twins and Multiple Births Association (TAMBA), Southampton, United Kingdom

“In Twins in Session, Dr. Friedman, aims to educate and enlighten other health professions who, through their lack of experience with twins, do not appreciate the intricacies of twin relationships. This book also provides a fascinating insight into twin dynamics that goes beyond the common misconception that all twin pairs are alike and get along fine. Overall, a fascinating and easy-to-read book.”
—Dr. Jeffrey Craig, medical researcher and Associate Professor, Deakin University, Geelong, Australia

Twins in Session offers a rare glimpse into the extraordinary challenges that twins encounter during their lifetimes. An enlightening read for twins, families with twins, and professionals working with twins.”
—Nancy L. Segal, PhD, Professor of Psychology, California State University, Fullerton, and author of Born Together—Reared Apart and Accidental Brothers

Twins in Session was so absorbing that I couldn’t put it down! Those who work with one twin or a pair of twins should have this book as an essential reference. They will find it invaluable in understanding the twin dynamics that lie behind the presenting problems. Little information is available for twin therapists. Reading this book was like having a master class with an expert in my field. Twins in Session will be a powerful reference book when I work with my own twin clients. Only someone who is a twin herself could have such sensitivity and understanding, which Dr. Friedman has further increased through years of experience as a twin specialist. I cannot praise this book more highly.”
—Audrey Sandbank, family psychotherapist and twin specialist, Surrey, United Kingdom, and editor of Twin and Triplet Psychology

Twins in Session is a must-read for all mental health practitioners who work with twins. In her clear, comprehensive and important book, Dr. Friedman reveals the fascinating internal lives of twins and illustrates complicated theoretical tenets with clinical vignettes in a down-to-earth style. Dr. Friedman’s readers, like her patients, can now benefit from her generously offered expertise.”
—Ruth Simon, PhD, psychoanalytic psychotherapist and twin parenting consultant

“Twins in Session reveals professional and personal insights only Joan Friedman could deliver. This book should be referenced by every therapist and required reading for all students of human behavior. Dr. Friedman uses parenting skills and developmental awareness to impart essential knowledge about the unique experience of twinship.”
—Eve-Marie Arce, EdD, author of Twins and Supertwins

“To write a book about issues that are common to twins rather than focusing on the abnormalities of twinship is a great idea, and Twins in Session will answer many questions that adult twins ask today. Dr. Friedman’s experience as a therapist and a specialist in twin issues lends authenticity to the compilation of case histories. The analyses of the case histories reveal how multilayered twinship is for both twins and nontwins and confront some of the preconceived ideas held by a nontwin world.”
—Sirpa Rosendahl, PhD, Professor, Mäalaren University, Västeras, Sweden

Twins in Session is a thoughtful, insightful, and informative analysis of twins’ experiences, inner feelings, and insights uncovered through therapy. As a twin and twin therapist, I found this book to be extremely useful in illuminating the specific issues twins and their therapists encounter in understanding this unique relationship. I highly recommend this book to adult twins, therapists, and all others interested in multiple births.”
—Eileen M. Pearlman, PhD, psychotherapist; Director, TwInsight; and coauthor of Raising Twins

“Dr. Friedman masterfully expands upon her previous contributions and enriches our journey toward a more profound understanding of twin relationships. Twins in Session is a must-read resource that enhances our ability to better serve those we counsel, educate, and train. Dr. Friedman’s remarkable ability to intertwine a deeply human perspective with her professional expertise leads us to embrace twins’ worldview. Reading Twins in Session is a joy, provoking both reflection and confidence in working with twins. It is with great admiration that I fully endorse and recommend this jewel.”
—María del Pilar Grazioso, PhD, Director, Doctoral Program in Applied Psychology, Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, and Co-coordinator, Proyecto Aiglé Guatemala, Guatemala City

Twins in Session beautifully and thoughtfully captures the inner lives of twins. Dr. Friedman grounds her work theoretically and then uses rich clinical material to capture key developmental, relational, and identity issues facing twins. Dr. Friedman masterfully highlights the importance of clinical sensitivity to these issues, which makes this book essential reading for clinicians who treat twins.”
—Michael Rothman, PhD, private practice psychologist specializing in twins and Assistant Clinical Professor, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

“Dr. Joan A. Friedman has contributed breakthrough research to help us understand twinship. She has developed innovative treatment approaches using relational strategies to help twins gain a sense of being separate and apart from each other rather than suffer from severe self-deficits and incompleteness.”
—Salomon Grimberg, MD, child psychiatrist

“Twins in Session is an essential guide to the unique psychology of twinship, from the intense closeness between twins to the struggle for independent identities. Dr. Friedman’s case studies beautifully capture the internal lives of the twins she treats and her own important role as their therapist. She highlights the differences in attachment and transference that can be missed by therapists who overlook or minimize the special nature of the twin bond. Twins in Session is a must-read for all clinicians treating twins.”
—Lisa Moses, PsyD, identical twin and mother of fraternal twins

“This is the book we have been waiting for! Twins in Session will be of invaluable help to therapists working with adult twins. I loved reading every page.”
—Coks Feenstra, child psychologist specializing in twins, Valencia, Spain, and author of El Gran Libro de los Gemelos

“Twins in Session provides a unique perspective on treating twin patients that could only come from a twin. Joan Friedman offers many helpful insights and approaches that are crucial to handling specific issues that may arise in therapy. This book is a wonderful resource and roadmap for therapists who work with twins.”
—Aura Worthington, MA, LMFT

Twins in Session shed an incredible light on my own experience as an identical twin and captured a lot of themes that encompassed my twinship. Dr. Friedman shares her wisdom and her expertise on the topic of treating twins in a compassionate, eye-opening, and intriguing way.”
—Amber Giles, LMFT, identical twin

“Dr. Friedman’s deep and sophisticated understanding of twinship dynamics provides a practical framework for working with twin patients. Her vivid examples masterfully bridge her theories to her clinical practice while debunking common misunderstandings about how twins experience themselves, their relationships, and their world. A must-read for every therapist!”
—Sophie Wasson, PsyD, psychologist, Harvard-Westlake School

Twins in Session” is the first book that deals with the different topics associated with twin relationships. The book is geared toward professionals—quite different from the current bibliography available on twins—and it does not simply provide the classic suggestions but goes further to explain topics such as the parent-child attachment, the development of self-identity, and the different polarities that are typical of twin relationships. As a family therapist and a mother of twins, I believe that this book is a must-read for any person who wants to work with twins.”
—Dr. Alejandra Silva, Clinical Psychologist, Centro SerMujer, and mother of twins, Santiago, Chile

“Twins in Session is a highly insightful, thought-provoking book and a must-read for any psychotherapist working with twins or their families. Dr. Friedman expertly weaves together complex concepts of attachment, object relations, and family systems theory within the context of varied clinical cases. Her book highlights twins’ unique developmental challenges and milestones with compassion and deeply felt understanding.”
—Judith Muschel, LMFT, psychotherapist and identical twin

“I wish I’d read this book before I ever saw a twin patient. Dr. Friedman’s research and advice on working with twins as opposed to singletons has transformed the way I work with my twin patients. She details the distinct and unique patterns of attachment that twins experience in early childhood, how those patterns can be expressed in adult life, and how to best treat them. No psychotherapist who sees twins should be without this indispensable resource.”
—Wendy Justus, LCSW, identical twin

“Such a jewel—Twins in Session illustrates the unique life of twins as well as their inherent challenges. The book addresses attachment with the primary caregiver, the relational issues twins deal with throughout life, and how to be a twin’s therapist. Dr. Freidman’s experiences as a twin and as a mother of twins provide a richness to her work as a therapist and as an author.”
—Sally Cassidy, LCSW, PsyD, President, Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis

“Twins in Session is a great read for anyone. However, it’s an essential buy for families with twins or for twins themselves. It shines a light on the different relationship dynamics between twins, their friends, their partners, and their family. The case studies are compelling, and the theory is presented in a practical and digestible way.

“Every psychotherapist, whether they work with twins or not, will benefit from reading Twins in Session, a book deeply rooted in the author’s experience as a twin, a mother of twins, and a long-time psychotherapist to twins. Twins in Session is a series of case studies illustrating some issues that affect twins: twin attachment, excessive interdependence, the caretaker/cared for dynamic, crises of identity, replacement twins, and significant other versus twin. The book is well-grounded in psychoanalysis, the theory of attachment, and theoretical developments in family therapy, but the great strength of this work is that it allows a real encounter with the author, who guides the personal and theoretical experience of the readers around clearly formulated key points. Thus, through an experienced and very personal reflection, readers find themselves reworked and worked through. Dr. Friedman’s generous gift allows each of us to understand how much the work of a psychotherapist is accompanied by work on oneself, which, in the end, allows the experience of otherness in each participant. The remote emotional sharing that this book allows is, as in psychotherapy, a way to tolerate emotions and their recognition.”
—Adama Boulanger Dufour, MD, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Paris

Twins in Session offers profound insights to therapists who seek to provide appropriate care to twins like myself. Dr. Friedman’s case-based, academic approach to the difficulties twins face in society is a must-read for anyone who treats this unique population.”
—Blake Mergler, BA, identical twin and medical student

“What a wonderful resource! As an early-career psychologist, I had no experience working with twins. This book helped me to better understand the unique identity dynamics that accompany twinship across the lifespan and increased my confidence in handling transference issues. I highly recommend Twins in Session to any clinician who wants to deepen their knowledge of working with twins!”
—Elaine Nabel, PsyD

“Dr. Friedman provides an invaluable resource for seasoned and aspiring clinicians alike. While attachment theory is understood by most psychotherapists, few realize that because twins’ first attachments are to each other rather than a parent, they experience a different developmental path. This creates unique struggles in later relationships and impacts a twin’s sense of self. Rich in both theory and case studies, Twins in Session is the first book to provide insight into the unique psychosocial experience of twins as well as how clinicians can best address their emotional and relational needs in therapy.”
—Catherine Goldhouse, LCSW, Clinical Social Worker, McLean Hospital, and spouse of a twin

“An invaluable book that offers deep, honest, and truthful knowledge about the complexity of twins’ relationship. A must-read for parents of twins, mental health professionals, and adult twins hoping to understand and empathize with the ambivalent emotions that twin relationships create in all of us.”
—Delfina de Achával, PhD, Psychotherapist, Aiglé Foundation, and mother of one-year-old fraternal twins, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Twins have captured the world’s attention since ancient times, but the challenges and issues that spawn from twinship let alone how to effectively help twins navigate these difficulties have rarely been discussed. Twins in Session is a remarkable contribution to twin literature that equips mental health professionals with insights into the complex nature of twinship. Dr. Joan Friedman has crafted a thoughtfully written guide to impart what she has learned from her life as a twin and her work with twins so we may better understand twinship beyond the twin mystique.”
—Justin Lee Yoshida, EdD, educator and identical twin

Twins in Session is a must-read for any therapists working with twins. Same-age siblings have a unique relationship that is not easily understood by those outside their circle. I applaud Dr. Friedman for writing this book as a tool to help therapists understand this unique relationship and its importance to the emotional health of twins.”
—Monica Rankin, Chair, International Council of Multiple Birth Organisations, and mother of twins, Narre Warren, Australia

Twins in Session, is the insightful, informative blend of compassionate, fascinating narrative and theoretical clarity about twin psychology that I wish I had in the past when twins came to my practice. Dr. Friedman generously shares her vast and professional and personal experiences to guide clinicians’ understanding of twins’ attachment dynamics, familial and societally imposed comparative roles, and magnified challenge of individuation, which therapists must explore and validate to effectively treat this unique and growing population.”
—Carol J. Schneider, LCSW

“As an identical twin and a psychologist, Dr. Friedman’s insight and extensive experience in treating twins answer so many questions about how we can better help twins within a therapeutic relationship. Twins in Session validates the difficulties that many of us twins experienced when seeking therapy. Learning how to navigate a relationship with a twin can be challenging. Dr. Friedman’s case studies show how to respect the twinship while validating the individual client’s need for independence and a separate identity. She also provides insight into common transference issues that arise when working with twins and how to effectively manage these without damaging the twinship or the therapeutic relationship. Twins in Session is a must-read for every therapist.”
—Tonya McFarland, PsyD, licensed clinical psychologist and identical twin

Twins in Session‘ reveals fascinating insights into the psychological issues unique to twins and the need for psychologists and psychiatrists to understand these differences. Dr. Friedman knows a bit about twins—she’s one herself, is a mother of twins, and has counselled countless twins. In each chapter, she illustrates a different aspect of twin psychology and details a number of case studies in which one twin or both undergo counselling. Many twins are extremely close, closer than most singleton siblings, and these close relationships often confound their parents and can result in an overdependence that wreaks havoc in the twins’ adult lives. When the twins start to live separate lives, or when one twin develops an intimate relationship, issues of dependency, fear, and comparison rear their heads. Dr. Friedman spends her time helping each twin of a pair to acknowledge their uniqueness, their individual strengths and weaknesses, and the pros and cons of being a twin.

“The more books by Joan Friedman I read, the more I recognize the need for professional counsel that comes from experts on twins. As parents of twins, we think we know what is best for our children, but when we read the real cases that Joan writes about, we realize that knowing our children is not enough. Twins in Session is more than a book for professionals who want to learn about twin therapy—it is also a guide for parents of multiples. Although we already learned about the importance of healthy parenting in Dr. Friedman’s previous books, Twins in Session is confirmation of the need for special training for psychologists who treat not only twins but multiples in general.”
—Lucila Menéndez Bueno, PhD, President, AMAPAMU (Madrid Multiple Birth Association), and mother of identical twins, Madrid, Spain

“As someone who works in a nonclinical role with many sets of twins as they transition from family and high school to college, I found Twins in Session to be a valuable resource for my bookshelf. Each case study provides insight in to these complex but beautiful relationships, and Dr. Friedman’s writing style makes her findings easily accessible.”
—Bhanu Anton Cruz, Assistant Dean, School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California

Twins in Session is not only a useful handbook for therapists working with twins but also something more. For any clinician interested in the development of the psyche and in the play between togetherness and separation, unity and individuation, this is a compelling and fascinating read. It enriches and adds to psychological perspectives on the growth of the mind from the thoughtful viewpoint of a twin.”
—Patricia Saphier, PhD, psychotherapist

Twins in Session is profound and, like Joan Friedman’s previous books, gives deep insights into the inner landscape of twins. Very useful for psychotherapists, twins, and others who want to understand twins.”
—Dr. Regina van Gelderen, psychoanalyst, Amsterdam