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Suggestions for Alone Time

If organizing consistent alone time with each of your twins seems out of reach, here are a few suggestions that might help you carve out some precious one-on-one moments: Bring one baby in the car pool. Take one baby out for a walk in a single stroller. Take the babies separately to doctor appointments. Take the babies to the same toddler group on alternate days. Play alone with one baby at the park. Bathe the babies separately. Be attuned to […]


Double Your Knowledge, Double Your Fun

I spoke to a wonderful gathering of moms and dads at the Paradise Valley Mothers of Multiples Club in Phoenix, Arizona. After I concluded my talk and answered questions, many of the participants approached me to thank me for the eye-opening and thought-provoking presentation. The importance of alone time seemed to make a definite impression. The onslaught of hype about twin togetherness confuses the most conscientious parent into believing that twins do not want to be separated from their siblings. […]


Monkey Time: Alone Time at Its Best

I wanted to share one father’s enthusiastic endorsement of the benefits of alone time—time when one twin gets one-on-one parental attention. He shared his story with a group of parents I spoke to in San Francisco, prefacing his remarks by apologizing that he did not learn about one-on-one time from my book Emotionally Healthy Twins! He and his wife and their fraternal twin daughters coined the term “monkey time” to initiate time alone when the girls were toddlers. The father […]