While all of our children are unique, there are some universal issues that all parents of twins face. I invite you to check out the articles and videos below that address some parenting concerns, ranging from issues specific to twins when they are toddlers, advice for parenting twins through their teenage years, and the realities and challenges young adult twins face as they mature. Let me know if you have other topics you’d like me to address in the future.




The Same But Different presents a stunning, in-depth look at the lives of adult twins as they face the twin challenges of closeness and independence, love and resentment in their evolving relations with each other. Readers are privy to the inner thoughts and personal reflections of twins whose diverse experiences bring keen insight into what it is like to be a twin. Parents, therapists, twins, and nontwins will gain new understanding of this endlessly fascinating human relationship.”

–Nancy L. Segal, PhD, Professor of Psychology, CSU Fullerton, and author of Born Together–Reared Apart and Someone Else’s Twin

This book is a must read for parents of twins. Joan Friedman highlights some of the complicated challenges facing adult twins and offers guidance for promoting healthy, respectful relationships. Since most parents of twins are not twins themselves, this type of insight is invaluable!”

–Eve Currin, mother of college-age twins

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