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Black-and-White Thinking

After speaking with a client recently, I reflected on why many of us resort to black-and-white thinking when we feel conflicted about our own needs. Twins are especially prone to this conundrum because their lifelong dyadic relationship informs so much of what they do and how they think. Having a same-age significant other constantly sharing and comparing life experiences can dramatically impair one’s ability to see beyond a two-dimensional perspective. Getting stuck in an all-or-nothing thought pattern leaves little room […]


Twin Travails

High school–age twins frequently contact me via my website to request help with a project or paper about twin relationships. Most of them research issues or ideas that resonate with their developmental experiences. The other day, three female sixteen-year-olds—an identical twin pair and a fraternal twin—asked for my assistance with a presentation they were preparing for a school assembly. I suggested that they discuss some of the challenges that twins encounter growing up, since most people are incredulous to learn […]