Being Appreciated for Being Me

photo credit: jbhalper via photopin cc

Every year when I read about the Twinsburg Twins Days Festival or see photographs of grown-up twins who are dressed identically and unabashedly clowning around with their clone, I feel a visceral trigger of old feelings about growing up as a twin freak. Jane and I were always the source of endless curiosity, and I hated (and still hate) being the center of attention without a feeling of substance or worth. Unfortunately, I have never really experienced the joys of being a twin in a public way. Certainly, I relish my connection to Jane, but I do so in a more private way, when we can share a laugh or commiserate about life. But celebrating our twinship by dressing alike is something we already did for too many years of our life. I can appreciate how much fun it might be to meet up with your twin if you do not have the luxury of living close to one another. But for me, being known, liked, and appreciated for being “Joan,” not “Jane and Joan,” is my genuine celebration.

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