Ways to Rejuvenate While Caring for Twins

photo credit: Daria Dubinin via photopin cc

More often than not, getting accustomed to the emotional and physical wear and tear of caring for two babies at the same time is quite a daunting enterprise. Here are some suggestions for finding some temporary solace and regrouping after twins are born:

  • Get away from the babies, the house, and the chores.
  • Find ways to laugh.
  • Go shopping–but not for baby items.
  • Have coffee with a friend who does not have children.
  • Get together with a mentor who is not a family member.
  • Do something different from what you did before the babies–for example, if you practiced yoga, try Pilates.
  • Don’t read more parenting books (other than mine!) or go on the Internet hunting for further parenting clues.
  • Be empathic with yourself. Doing so enables you to feel more empathy with the babies and significant others.
  • Don’t fall into a pattern of perfectionism or competitiveness; nurture your personal “good enough” best.

The most important thing to remember is that we are capable of achieving our best parenting when we feel good about ourselves and experience an even mind-body connection. These times away from our babies help us to refuel and reintegrate so that we can manage our frustration and fatigue as best we can.

Are you taking time to recharge?

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