The Luxury of Alone Time

Most of us are currently searching for positive aspects of social isolation. If one or both parents are working from home, they may have unexpected opportunities to spend individual time with each twin. Of course, each household has different needs. Nonetheless, let’s brainstorm some creative possibilities that might suit your family:

  • Organize separate times to read/dance/cook/draw with each twin.
  • Bathe the twins separately.
  • Change up the bedtime routine by having each parent handle one twin.
  • Plan separate walks with each twin with each parent taking turns..
  • Play outside with one twin at a time

Believe me, I understand the difficulty many families face in being confined with their children without respite. However, the circumstances created by this pandemic may stimulate a reorganization of connections and priorities. I imagine that many parents of twins will gain more awareness of their children’s distinctiveness. While we will all breathe a huge sigh of relief when our previous routines are restored, I hope a new normal will be established for our culture. Perhaps we will not return to our frenetic schedules and fragmented family time. This reprieve may help us create and appreciate an ongoing experience of connecting to our twin children in new, more authentic ways.

I would love to hear feedback about your experiences with and suggestions for this extra family time—please leave a comment below.

Image courtesy of Alan Wat (CC BY 2.0)

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