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Dissociation During Pregnancy

After I finished speaking to a group of mothers of twins, a woman approached me and told me about her pregnancy. Her six-month-old fraternal twin sons were doing well. She carried them full term and had no birth complications other than the planned Cesarean birth. This young mother needed to talk about how she felt detached from the babies when they were in utero. She said that she never really felt connected to the babies when she was pregnant. She […]


Motherhood Revisited and Reframed

I was chatting with a mom of four-month-old boy/girl twins who had just returned to work full time. She tearfully related that going back to work has not been what she had originally envisioned. She had hoped that she would be able to go home at lunchtime and see the babies; however, that has not been a feasible option. She feels somewhat relieved that her mom, who has helped take care of the twins since they were born, is living […]