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Mind the Emotional Gap

A high school senior contacted me a few weeks ago to ask my opinion on separating twins in primary school. She is a fraternal twin, and she and her sister live in the Northeastern United States. I will call her Nancy to protect her identity. At the beginning of our conversation, she asked me very broad, open-ended questions about separating twins. I clarified that it was unrealistic to address her concerns in such a generalized manner, as I certainly could […]


Tips for a Smooth Transition Back to School

Getting back into the school routine after a more relaxed summer timetable can be challenging for both parents and kids. While many moms and dads look forward to having more structured time for their multiples, the school year demands that the whole family get back into a more rigid schedule—which has its pluses and minuses. If your multiples are beginning kindergarten, this is an exciting and memorable time that requires a bit more focus and attention to the emotional details […]