Happy Twin Pairs—a Celebration

Twin stories abound wherever I go! After people find out that I write books about twins and identify myself as a twin therapist, I am inundated with twin incidents.

I spent a week cruising in the Caribbean and heard wonderfully positive stories about twin relationships. One gentleman in his sixties shared how he and his identical twin brother have worked and lived together their entire lives. He had nothing but fantastic things to say about his twin experience. Both brothers plan to retire soon and live together in Spain on a sailboat that they jointly own. He told me that he and his brother attended meetings for many years at the International Twins Association and thoroughly enjoyed the familial camaraderie of the other twin members.

I also met a woman twin in her thirties who was on her honeymoon. She told me that her fraternal twin sister is her best friend. Even though her sister lives in another country, they talk every day and consider one another soulmates. The newlywed’s husband told me, in an aside, that he is sure that his wife and her sister are identical twins because they are indistinguishable. However, his wife insists that they are fraternal twins. Neither sister wants or needs to verify their zygosity with DNA testing. The twin I spoke with intimated that being a fraternal twin makes it much easier to maintain a separate identity.

I am relieved to hear about happy twin connections while I proofread my forthcoming book, Twins in Session, which details case histories of twins in therapy. I am hoping that the advanced review copies will be ready in a month or so. I plan to send it out to my fellow mental health practitioners for their comments and blurbs. My passionate wish is to make twin psychology available and accessible, so professionals can approach their twin clients with a detailed and articulate understanding of the specific ways in which twinship can inform and define one’s personality, subjectivity, and life perspective.


Image courtesy of Trang PinK (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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