Haiku Poems: Twin Trauma

An identical twin recently contacted me for help with working through some issues with her sister. She wrote a series of poems to express the betrayal and sadness evoked by a rupture with her twin and graciously granted me permission to share these haikus.

I’m always there for you
You take me for granted
A stab in my heart

Best friend? Not clear now
You throw me away like trash
Will you understand?

A blessing or curse
What twin would leave their best friend
All alone to cry?

My raw emotions
Anger and disappointment
A roller coaster

I can hear it now
“You blow this out of proportion”
No validation ever

Outing my feelings
You will say “That’s not true”
I am in despair

Happy together
As two birds singing for joy
Now one sings alone

Image courtesy of Stephanie Young Merzel (CC BY 2.0)

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