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Decision Making and Differentiation

A mom of nine-year-old identical twin girls asked me to help her understand a specific dynamic that is playing out between her daughters. On the surface, the circumstances make very little sense to her. Both girls take piano lessons—Annie loves the piano and practices without being asked, but her sister, Amy, rarely practices and asks her parents about playing the trumpet. Their mom understands their differences and does not make a big deal about their divergent likes and dislikes. What […]


Searching for Your Double

Last weekend I had the privilege of speaking to the Northwest Association of Mothers of Twins Clubs (NWAMOTC) in Vancouver, Washington. NWAMOTC is a network of member clubs throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and the province of British Columbia, Canada. The convention attendees spent a lovely weekend away from their families, enjoying one another’s company and the activities planned by the hosts of the convention, the Columbia Mothers of Twins Club. Often moms of multiples commiserate […]


A Room of Her Own

A mother of six-year-old identical twins shared a lovely story that illustrates how natural it can be to attend to each twin’s needs when guilt feelings don’t get in the way. Mother explained that her daughter Sandy talked about wanting to have her own room. Two issues had to be managed. The first was that this sentiment hurt her other daughter, Anna. Anna told her mom that Sandy’s wish to be on her own hurt her feelings. The second issue […]